Picking the Right Classic Auto Restoration Shop

Choosing a Classic Auto Restoration Garage

Your classic car is gold, it’s a treasure. It’s a work of art from the past, and we are very sure you cherish it dearly. It could have been passed down from older generations in your family, or you have a craving for these kinds of vehicles. You definitely do not want to mess things up when you’re looking for the right auto restoration shop for your classic vehicle.

When you want a Barrett-Jackson type ride, there are a lot of conditions your auto restoration shop has to meet to produce this quality of work for you.

In this article, we are going to explore just a few of them. But you are guaranteed to get the best services from your choice if you keep these in mind.

Classic Auto Restoration Shop

How to pick the Right Classic Auto Restoration Shop

Get recommendations

This is often the first and the best step to start with. Do you have friends or family who have done an auto restoration project before and it turned out great? You should ask them where they did it.

If you find a restoration job of the quality you like at the gas station or shopping mall parking lot, you can ask the owner of the vehicle for recommendations. It’s always a good first step to getting similar quality from the same shop.

Do your homework

Consumer-review websites are usually an excellent place to get an idea of how an auto restoration shop handles their job. Pay attention to the 3- and 4-star reviews, they’re always the most honest of all. Make a list of the shops you’re considering and check them on sites like Yelp and your local Better Business Bureau. You can just Google it. If you find that so many people leave lots of bad reviews and complaints, cross them out of the list and go to the next one.

You can keep doing this until you narrow down the list to about 3 or 5. In the next step, call the ones you have left on the list. Check out their websites, see what vehicles they’ve worked on in the past. See if it matches the level of quality you want for your auto restoration project.

It’s possible some shops may not make the cut on your list. For the ones you have left, contact the company. You can use the contact form on their website, or click “get a free estimate/quote.” The easiest way to get this done would be to call the number on their website. That’s if they offer free consultation.

Try to keep it short. Talk about what you have in mind for your project and answer their questions correctly. You’ll get a feel for the shop you’ll be dealing with.

One of them should stand out to you. If it’s more than that, you’ll want to pay them a visit in person during their opening hours.

Check for Cleanliness

The nonprofit National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence recommends working with a neat and organized shop that uses modern equipment. This may seem like a trivial issue, but according to the institute, their level of cleanliness is often an indicator of their professionalism.

Are they Qualified?

Work with technicians who are qualified to work on the vehicle you’re bringing them. When you visit their shop, you should find their qualifications displayed on the wall.

They should take pride in the expertise of their team. The Federal Trade Commission even recommends this. Once you see the qualifications, you can rest assured your classic car will be in capable hands.

The team should also be enthusiastic to take on your project. You want them to handle the classic car restoration with pride in their work. Not just waltzing through it for the sake of your money. Get the best value for your money. You deserve it.

Always follow your instincts

If you don’t feel you can trust the auto restoration shop for one reason or the other, you don’t have to do business with them. Maybe you spoke to them over the phone and they sounded dismissive or not interested in your project, or they give you an estimate that just doesn’t make sense (too cheap or way too expensive). Trust your instincts. You can’t count on them to handle your classic auto restoration job. 

You can always find another auto restoration shop, one more interested in your project and excited about helping you bring your vehicle to life.

Don’t leave your precious classic car in the hands of ‘professionals’ who won’t guarantee you the best quality of auto restoration. Use the guidelines in this article to get the best service at the best price.